Friday, January 25

Just a couple things

Curly Purly soaker: Size small: 5's, 6's, and 8's. Paton's merino (the pink) and random wool (stashbusting and I still have some left over! I could have skipped the pink). Garter cuffs with knit bind off. Waist was done on two circs at a time for both the 5's and 6's.

Picky Pants capris/shorts: Size small. Elastic waistband. Short rows. Cascade 220 (brown) and Cascade Quatro. Picot bind off (my first!)

A new large mystery item all for me. Size 6's. That is all. :)

The covers have been done for a bit. I have one sock done on a pair for me as well but no pictures until the pair is complete. That might actually prompt me to start and finish the second sock. :) I was thinking about my knitting the other night very impressed with the amount of items I completed last year (yes that's still lovely to me) and thought about all the recent new things I've learned. Elastic waistbands, short rows, picot bind off, and knitting on two circs at a time. They all make me very happy. I haven't branched out into the more complicated stuff (to me at least!) like cables or intarsia or anything but I'm still pretty impresed with myself. In the last year I have really upped my knitting skills. Go me. :)

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