Tuesday, February 19

I like 'em Norwegian

At least my purls. :) I recently signed up for the Master Hand Knitter level one program and one of the swatches you do has 1x1 ribbing. I had completed the 2x2 ribbing and was pretty pelased with it so when y 1x1 was looking twisted I was confused. I posted on MDC and someone mentioned trying a norwegian purl. You keep the yarn behind your work so tension is less likely to change. It's fabulous! I'm still figuring out the general flow and tension of it but overall I think it's a keeper.

I also learned how to do cables last night. I did my first one (horseshoe) and was amazed at how easy it was. They sure look more difficult than they are. I needed to work up a small sample project for something so I used a cable on it (this afternoon) and love it! I can see why cable works ends up having tons of cables. They are a tad addictive.

I've gotten two new books lately. IK's sock one and Stitchonary 2: cables. Both are lovely though I remember liking the IK one more when I first saw it. Not so much now. It's fine and all and there are a few patterns I'll do but overall my love is no longer there.

Now the big and exciting news is something I can't quite share yet. :D The small cabled project above is actually the second project of this said news. I'm waiting to hear back on some stuff before I spill the beans so stay tuned!

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