Monday, February 4

Much ado about nothing

Honestly. I haven't made progress on my mystery project. I got a new book (IK's sock one). I haven't started my other sock. I frogged one (too small). The only thing I have done lately is a pair of ruffly longies which I LOVE. They make me so happy it's sad. :)

Quick details:Small Picky ShortsElastic waistbandShort rowsRuffle bind offExtra stitches in crotch/leg join areaScrap yarn (in order): fisherman's wool: orange, green, pink, purple. Wool of the Andres: green LTK Farm Yarn: Elijah Random wool : purple

Life kind of sucks right now so I'm going back to minimum blogging (I know, I know...nothing new there as of late). I'll pop in with pictures every now and then but don't count on explanations or anything.

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