Thursday, March 27

Possibly dead

Remember this (pardon the crap photo)?

It used to look a tad different. You know..intact, bright red, less airy. It's about a year old now and as you can tell has seen a fair share of love. There are actually 2 holes present but the way everything lays there you don't notice it unless you're using it. Which poses my potential issue. To repair it or not? When I first noticed the hole I made a mental note to do a quick whipstitch andbe done with it. It got washed, tossed in the drawer, and then we moved. Then I needed to use it. We hand wash dishes so the hole quickly became larger and then it became 2. What once was small enough to put the tip of my finger in (which is where the hole started...point of pressure) is now large enough to fit many finger in. Do I fix it and save my fingers the possible amputation during dishwashing, do I leave it be and feel content that this rag has served us well, or do I toss it? Aside from the random finger stub/stab it's totally functional. I have others. I'll have more. I like this one though. :)

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