Thursday, April 10

Tiny knitting

Sheesh! I've been trying to come post for days and something always come up! I'm finally here!

Stats: Newborn, 3 short row sets, Manos, Garter ridge cuffs, size 5's, 6's, and 8's (also used for the cuffs).

This is for Dawn. She is due to have another baby (boy!) here soon. Well not too soon....a couple months from now. I have had this Manos in my stash since I began knitting! I made S's first pair of shorties out of one skein and had originally bought two. I've been dying to use it up for the longest time now and had even start a wrap for us out of it. But it just wasn't "us". There was something that just never fit so it never got used. I decided to try it out again and what do you know! It works! And looks very nice if I do say so myself. I love the way this yarn knits up. It'sa slightly pilly yarn but for a newborn that shouldn't be an issue. I hope it fits and works for them. I haven't lanolized or blocked it. It takes at least 4 days to dry here so I'll let her do it. She knows this and is ok with it. :) I'm a slacker and have yet to get it in the mail but it should be at the latest tomorrow. Hopefully.

I have a couple more WIP's I'm so very close to finishing. They have been hounding me for the longest time now. Not because they are large or difficult. Mostly because I'm bad at gauging how long an item will take at times and I end up agreeing to do too much and my plate gets full. I'm really hoping to make some progress today. I finished up a part last night on one project that was taking a long time. I can officially say I think I am all ruffled out now!

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