Sunday, April 27

Spin me right round baby, right round...

I do have a knitting fo to show but only one picture made it off the camera for some reason so while I wait for the others I'll share something else!

I've been dying yarn (and it looks just like roving I dyed and then spun up...shockingly so) and spinning. Well not a ton of spinning. I finished up a very small single (maybe an ounce) a little bit ago and put it away. I used some up to make a small bag and liked it enough as a single that I decided to spin more up and keep it a 1 ply (more up meaning the rest of this ginormous 10 ounce ball I've been working on forever now).

A post was made a little bit ago on a board I frequent about youtube and spinning. It never dawned on me to watch spinning videos! I headed over there and watched a few. I'm surprised at how well I taught myself! There were a couple things I could do differently but it was more of a personal preference than an actual technique. Last night as I sat spinning I decided to try out some of the tricks and I have to say I am loving hand spinning even more. I'm getting better twist and more even thickness and I can go for longer chunks before stopping to wind up. I'm pretty impressed with myself and have been ripping through my mini balls like mad. It certainly has made it more enjoyable. Before it was such a stop and go process that I got bored easily. The new things I'm doing though make it all the more better.

Despite it's twisted appearance the skein shown has been washed and dried. I took it out of the ball for it's photo shoot though...I wanted something pretty and my tiny little cake was kind of sad looking. :)

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