Tuesday, April 29

As promised....

Knitting content. These be the latest shorties for the wee one. I did a different set up this time. I've been more willing to try out different options lately and I'm really glad I have been. I'm not so set in what works for me anymore and I'm enjoying what I'm getting.
Cascade 220 in black for the trim annd Mosaic Moon Organic Wool in Sunny Days. Both were stash yarn and both were already used at some point. The last time I used the Mosaic Moon yarn was for a pair of newborn longies. It continues to amaze me how changing the size of a garment can change the look of the yarn. I'm really glad I picked the black for the trim. Last time I used red and it seemed to wash it out a bit. I like this look much more.
Size small with the backside increases an extended short rows. This was the first time doing this. I like it!
1x1 ribbing and a rolled cuff (though not as long as the pattern suggests).
Extra increases in the gusset for the crotch.

I have wondered how to get the crotch just so. All the pictures I have ever seen you can tell there is a crotch with gussets on them. Mine were hard to see. I tried getting tricky and pulling it forward for pictures but it just wasn't there. I think it was partially due to the fact that I never swatch and don't always use the right yarn. :D This time (just like on my last pair) I added extra increases. I think the number of stitches on this pair are the same for the size large (can't quite remember). I also moved my increase over. I changed it to the 2nd stitch and the 2nd to last. I think I get a much cleaner looking crotch.

On that note: Where else can one talk so much about non-holey, pretty crotches without blushing or being told to not talk dirty? :D

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