Thursday, May 8

Bottoms for K

Back in March my brother in law had a baby. She was early due to some health issues and as a result was a tiny little gal. She's now older (and past her due date) but still tiny. They sent out recent pictures the other night and her tinyness was apparent. The knitter in me thought, "I need to make her some pants!"
So I grabbed some random acrylic (they don't use cloth) and set to work. These will probably be a tad baggy in the body since I spaced and did increases in the backside (I should have just done short rows). Hopefully they fit though.
Random acrylic
Newborn size
Backside increases
Garter cuff
Capri-ish length

I'm going to be making them a couple pairs. I hope they like them and they can use them!

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Meri said...

Lovely knitting!!!

You commented on my blog that you might be interested in my "Rory" spinning wheel - I'm not sure how to email you, though - can't find where to get your addy. ;) Could you message me on MDC? meritodd1221 - that will work. :)