Thursday, June 19

Once Upon A Time....

there was a blogger who blogged here. Every now and then she'd even post pictures!

Sorry about that. Things got a bit crazy there for a bit. Two birthdays and one move later and I think the dust has settled enough for me to come back.

Due to a very crazy move (sorry, no details) not all of our stuff is here which means for now you just get verbal blogging. The camera did not make it here but rest assured once it is there will be pictures! I suppose I could jsut use the husband's phone to take some but I really dislike it. I hate cell phone pictures and the one thing I notice about all the blogs I read and enjoy is picture quality. I'm aiminng for that here as well.

Since I was here last there has been a fish, two socks (not hey are not is an ankle sock and the other is calf length), a mystery design project (I'm designing! we'll see how long that lasts), some swatches for the Master Knitter program, and a soaker (working on that right now). I think that's it. Oh there was a headband (yes a headband....sorta...working on some dreads [or the courage to do them] and I wanted something to cover them with) which didn't work out and got frogged after many hours of knitting time. A neice has outgrown all her covers and I have been asked to supply some more so I'm thinking of casting on a wrap here in a bit.

So there you have my totally boring, pictureless update. I will be gone all weekend (camping! yay!) so don't think I've slipped back into not blogging when you don't hear from me. I swear, I wil be a better blogger!

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milkyknitter said...

Oooooo, i am so excited you might be doing dreads! I have secret dread envy and often lurk on the dreadie tribe on MDC. Now i can live vicariously through you!

Hope you get your stuff soon!