Saturday, June 28

Day 2

I got a chance to work on WIP 3 last night. The kids were asleep and I was not. I stayed up until just before 4 am and almost got the entire yoke done. I continued to have issues with my stitch count and I think it was on the times I had to do a button hole. I'm not horribly impressed with mine but I suppose they will work. I was able to get all the way to my last increase set before I decided I should go to bed. A couple rows and then I section off the arms!! I am a bit worried about the fit/size. I am doing the smallest size since I've read that they run big. The difference between the smallest and the next size up is shoulder width. I picked the smallest since I have smaller shoulders but I don't know. It just looks small! I'd rather have something be a tad on the tight side than on the loose but I also don't want to look stupid. I'm going to do my next few rows and then split the stitches between needles since they are crammed on one currently. Maybe that will give me a better idea.

I didn't swatch. I know, I know. A bit too late for that (well I suppose I could squish my stitches down and grab another skein and do a quickie) but now I'm paranoid. Maybe my possible fit issues are because my row gauge is off. It looks short. I think it's just my recent luck of having projects go wrong due to not swatching that has me nervous about it. I don't know. I am very tempted to do one though. It just seems like such a waste of time, especially now that I'm as far in as I am. Oh well. I'm sure splitting them to check it out will help. Hopefully.

I didn't work on anything else yesterday. I wanted to get past those damn increases and I did. That's all I cared about! In fact at about 3:30 in the morning the oldest chitlin came out to ask why I wasn't in bed and didn't I think I should work on it tomorrow. Sheesh! Go to bed! :)

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