Thursday, July 3

Wow...lame (day 4...sort of)

Geez. I get on a "I will post for 30 days" bit and then last....3 days.

In my defense though we moved. We are now unpacked, minus a stray box here and there, and things have somewhat settled in. We are headed out of state tomorrow and then have a busy weekend (baptisims) so it's not horribly likely I will be here blogging away. And you know what? That's ok. Because I said so. It'll just be a pleasant surprise if I do show up. :)

I originally had a big long post here about knitters and vanity. Are we vain? Not in our looks but in our materials and FO's (finished objects for you non-knitting readers). I got all the way to the end of it but couldn't publish it. It wasn't coming out right and I was afraid that all of us lovely crafty folk might be put off by it (not that I really think that many people read my blog...only hope ;) ). I may re-work it and come back and republish. It seems like it could work. As far as rambles can. :)

Since we've been in a state of boxes I haven't really done much with my knitting. I have moved it from one safe place to another as soon as the previous was no longer safe. I have checked (maybe obsessively so) that none of my 200+ stitches have slipped off my needles. I have also kept tabs on the bag holding all the other balls (though I'm nervous now that one is floating free....I need to go check again). The idea of knitting all those stitches into even more garter was a tad daunting. I'm so close to the end of it though I might as well plug on. I'm gearing up for some good knitting time tomorrow. Maybe even tonight. My fingers are itching to get moving.

I'm even going to go take pictures now. Of actual knitting stuff. So I can post them. On my knitting blog. Will wonders never cease.

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