Thursday, August 11

FO: Skirtie and Longies

First up is a Juliette Skirtie. The non solid is some of my handspun so I'm quite partial to this one. :) It's a tiny newborn one. I love that the handspun comes across as a tweedy color.

Stats: Juliette Skirtie
Solid Red: Random wool (either Paton's Merino or Cascade 220)
Body: Handspun
Needles: 5 and 7
Garter trim on a pleated skirt; no cuffs on the undersoaker; 2x2 ribbing for waist with icord drawstring

Next up is some longies. I wasn't sure about this yarn at first. Reminds me of when Yelloow-Green and Spring Green from the box of Crayola melt together on the sidewalk. It was pooling in the body (as you can see) and I was confident the shaping would break that up. Not really. In the end I think it works. Reminds me of grass now. :)

Stats: Picky Pants

Size: Small

Shaping: Backside Increases and Short Rows


Yarn: Manos (unsure of color/number)

Seed stitch cuff; 2x2 waist; icord drawstring

7 inch inseam
I'm quite pleased with both of these. They aren't for keeping but instead will go up for sale here soon. I was hoping to have enough yarn left to make a matching hat for the longies but it's not looking like I won't.

It's nice to be knitting again. My fingers have sat idle for too long.

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