Sunday, August 21


Where do you get yours?

With Borders closing we have stopped in a couple times. Nothing like cheap books to inspire you! I've made sure to stop by the knitting section each time and up until yesterday nothing had caught my attention.

Yesterday I happened to get lucky. While heavier knits like pictured above are not my cup of tea there is something deliciously inviting about them. I have a few people in mind from the brief flip through I did.

Spin Control was one I was thrilled to find. Being self taught on a craft can leave you wondering if you are doing it right. Yes, I can produce yarns but are they quality? Are they useable? Do they do their fiber qualities justice? I can honestly say, that in all the time I've been spinning (which is short), I have yet to learn the difference between worsted and woolen. I know the difference in looks but only in demonstration. Two swatches side by side. I have a lot to learn about it all and I'm excited to have found a book regarding just that. I haven't gotten far into it. The house is quieting down for the evening and I'm fighting the urge to knit or to read about knitting.

Tonight books about the finer details are my inspiration. What's yours?

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