Saturday, October 14

Swim swim

As part of a trade that I am slow on I made up another fish. I've actually done all different sizes but only one is seamed and stuffed. I like it. It turned out far better than my first one but I am still not a fan of this pattern. The author doesn't tell you how to seam or place the fins/tail. It makes it kind of hard. I hope the mama who is getting them likes it. I think he's cute. :)

I decided I was going to wear a scarf this winter. Something simple but fabulous all at once. I decided to use my red tweed for it. A very simple pattern. 3 rows garter stitch, k5 on the edges with a stockinette niddle. I am loving the way it is coming out. It's going to be super long! It's not too wide either which I am glad about. As trendy cute as those super skinny or super thick scarves are they scream nonuseable. To me at least. :)

I pm'd the mama I am making so many covers for to ask if she would like a couple in newborn size. Those babes were tiny and I knew that smalls would be too big. She pm'd me back to say that NONE of their covers fit so newborns would be perfect. Woo hoo! I think I will end up doing all of them in that size just because they are so tiny. I need to get three done up and sent so that she can try them out. I would hate to make all those and get them sent only to find out that they just won't work.

And non-knitting....we're moving. To Colorado. On Tuesday.

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