Tuesday, October 24

Yarn cakes

I bought a ball winder and Oh.My.God. The sheer joy that sucker brings me is silly. I have almost reqound every single thing of yarn in my house. :)

I bought some yesterday when I bought that. I got three things of Cascade 220, one Cascade Quatro, and two things of sock yarn (Lana Grossa and Magic Stripes). Enough chitter chatter...yarn p0rn!

Ok in order from top left to right: Brown Cascade 220, unknown color Cascade 220, Magic Stripes Sock Yarn unknown color, Lana Grossa sock yarn unknown color, Blue Cascade 220, and finally unknown color Cascade Quatro. Beautiful stuff huh? :)

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Fadrah said...

OMG, I've been looking at a yarn winder for months now and just haven't had the extra cash with the cafe and all. Maybe if I HINT (with a ton of bricks) J will get me one for christmas... Jr. puppy decided it had a taste for yarn and ate 4 skeins of new yarn, two of which I needed to finish a blanket. You sure you can't take the puppy!!! :)