Sunday, January 14

It's been awhile...

because I have had absolutely no desire whatsoever to knit a damn thing. :)

Why you ask? What could be sooooo pressing that I have not cast on a single project? What could be so dire that everything that was cast on is now frogged?

Well this.

Seriously. I have frogged everything. Even my MIL sock. I'm not sure why my lack of motivation equaled an intense day or so of yanking out projects but it did.

I did start on a Kimono from MDK last night. I got 11 rows in and put it away. :) Go me. I am feeling the itch though so I have a feeling things may start churning out. I am wanting to spin lately. I came close to getting a spinning wheel but the deal fell through. So sad. :( My spindle is in the car right now and it's not here so I am S.O.L.

I know. Super boring blog today but I figured i should probably say SOMETHING. :)

Oh yeah! I forgot to add the link for the fabulous cast on in my last post. why share something if I'm not going to share something right? :)

Magic Cast on. If you use DPN's the directions are nearer the bottom.

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