Thursday, January 25

Shhh...I'm talking about it.

I know I said I wasn't going to tell you anything or share any pictures of my intended sock swap socks. HOWEVER, I feel I need to share a little somethin', somethin'.

The pattern I am doing (not telling!) calls for size 1 needles. I bought size 1's months ago and returned them shortly there after. I snapped three of five in one round. Thank god I bought Britany brand. That lovely 5 year thing is just that. Lovely. I pulled out my new set yesterday to get cranking and knew it was going to be tough. I snapped the TIP of one needle. Just the tip so I grabbed a pencil sharpener and nail file and fixed it up. Good as new! Then I went and posted on the Tp over at MDC to get METAL ones. Whoever thought it was a good idea to offer needles that tiny in wood was silly. And drunk. And having mental disturbances that should have required mediciation.

The yarn (not telling what kind!)...I was unsure of this yarn when I first got it. It was an impulse buy since I had gone in there with her colors in mind. I totally forgot that she prefers thinner socks so in all actuality I did excellent in picking yarn. For her. It must have skipped my mind that I am the one who has to knit it. With tiny snapping needles. The cast on was tough. Oh my it was tough. In fact I threw it all at one point. I don't know if it was the tiny yarn or the fact that I was trying hard not to break my tiny needles but it WOULD. NOT. WORK. No worries. I did get it.

In fact as I started my toe increases and got in to a rythym I was actually very pleased and happy with the project. yes I have to be careful of the needles but the yarn is smooth and glides through my fingers. It's all lightweight so my wrists don't hurt and the colr. The color is GORGEOUS! I am so glad I bought this one actually. And if it weren't for the fact that she knows about it and the husband knows about it and I am essentially a good person I would totally keep these socks for me. I can see myself buying more of this yarn to make some for me actually. It's a feminine yarn for sure. I can't imagine the man here shoving his foot into something so delicate seeming. Oh god it makes me shudder to think about it. :)

I know. It seems like nothing has been done on it BUT that's because I don't want her to accidentally see it. There has been much progress since this picture was taken. I wanted to show it off without showing too much. I mean this is good but what is to follow is orgasmic. Yeah.


Anonymous said...

I love the yarn! The color is gorgeous and it looks nice and smooshy.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty sock. I know what you mean about the skinny Brittany needles though. I just love them, but have broken so many that I finally just gave up and went to magic loop for socks!