Sunday, February 4

New yarn and needles!

Woo hoo!

I got a ton of good knitting mail lately. First I had posted over on the MDC TP for some metal DPN's. I had started the lace portion of the sock (I can talk about it since I have changed what pattern I am using) and messed up. I tried to frog back but my needles were insanely small and delicate as was my yarn. I had to frog the ENTIRE thing. No biggie though. I found some needles and paid more than the mama wanted for them. In return she sent me some yarn that despite my better judegement screams to be my mom's and a book (It's My Party and I'll Knit If I Want To..hilarious!).

Then in the same day! I got my sock swap from the Townsend group. I got some gorgeous yarn, a gorgeous bag, a great pattern (which I am using right now), some HEAVENLY chocolates that has prompted the wee one to almost say chocolate...sounds more like choco, and a great big mug for hot drinks.

A few days ago I got a package from a friend and in it was a small ball of yarn in some nice brown tones. Not sure what kind it is. I also got my Dashin Dachs sock yarn.

I know...slightly bad picture but I blame the weird lighting. :) From top left to right and then bottom left to right we have: Esmerelda Derby (included in my needles), unknown from friend, sock swap yarn (not sure what brand it is..I have two of them), and the Dashing Dachs.

And the BEST mail of all came yesterday and you know what it was? My magic ball swap!!! I ended up with the exact same yarn I got in my first swap which is hilarious I think. Same colorway and everything. Good thing I love it. ;)

I switched the pattern for my sock swap pal. I LOVE it. And since she may be reading this I will only post links. That way if she doesn't want to see she doesn't have to. Also if she wants to not read about it she should stop now! I did try it on for the pictures but have no fear! my feet are clean. :) They are slightly blurry...again, funky lighting.



The top is slightly hard to see the detail but it kind of looks like scales. I have seen another pattern like this (Wyvern is what I am using) but I can't remember where. The bottom is ribbed. Yeah. And I love that. I think I will do mine like that from now on. It creates a fit that is so much better and personalized than any I have tried so far! There is no worry about a lack of snugness and even if you beat the hell out of this by the end of the day you will still have a nice fit. Brilliant I say, just brilliant.

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