Wednesday, January 24

Patience IS a virture

A.K.A. insert foot.

I emailed the two sock related swapees the other night and received prompt responses from both ladies. One was slightly onery so I didn't feel bad about being imaptient with her. The other. Well the other I should have been more patient. Her tiny tot was sick and not in a easy going way. Top it off she has a newborn. Yeah she has her hands full. I take it for granted that my house revolves around the Internet due to the business and forget that not everyone sits in front of their computer on a daily basis like I do. There is a reason my house is usually a mess and we rarely eat on time. I am an Internet addict. :) I pointed her in this direction in case she wanted to see her yarn. I'm sorry for my impatience! I'm not really as onery as my other post makes it seem. :)

Since we have been talking back and forth I got a sneak peek at the yarn she is using for my socks. GORGEOUS!! I cannot wait to get them and put them on my feet. My toes itch at the possible lusciouness of them. I bbought her yarn yesterday. She likes purple and I have some fantastic Art Yarn in purple that I was going to use but everytime I picked it up it didn't seem like her. That and she didn't want an ankle sock...something above the ankle but not too high. I know the Art Yarn makes an ankle sock so off to the store we went! I got her some rather pretty yarn if I do say so myself. The skein (and the resulting wound ball) seem tiny though so I am worried abbout having enough. The husband asked me rather innocently last night why I didn't get three for that just in caseness. Yeah I know. I should have. HOWEVER! The pattern I am using (which I am so excited abbout trying despite his gloomy prediction) calls for this exact amount AND the picture shows a rather nice height of sock. My only issue is it is done on INSANELY tiny needles. Size 1 to be exact. That's ok though. It looks like a really fun pattern and I am excited to try something I've never done before.

I'm not giving any details about it though in case she continues to read here. Nor will I post WIP pictures....we agreed it would be a surprise. Isn't it purtty!? The color here is pretty accurate too....maye a little brighter than in real life since i was sitting nextto an open window but close just the same. She said she liked purple so purple she gets!! There was one there that had three of five of her favorite/preffered colors but it looked like......the 70's and 80's got together, bumped uglies, and then split. yeah. Not pretty offspring. :)

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