Thursday, March 15

Slowly...oh so slowly

Still here. Next week I am on my way to California for.....wait for it....a month. Yeah. So much for going home. :)

I was soooo close to being done sock wise for my Knitty sock swap. I finished it up and compared the two works of art lovingly. And you know what? Remember all that fretting about how I wasn't sure because of my partner's heel measurement but I went ahead and finished the first sock anyway? It bit me in the butt. It was too small. How do I know? Besides the irritating fit issues I was having, when I made the other one I did the right size. And there is no way the first sock was going to fit. Grumble. I am slowly redoing the first sock. I am getting my knit-ivation back and have gotten through the first half of the foot. I need 6 pattern repeats before the heel and I am on number 3. I have been knitting on the toilet (oh the possibilities!) while the wee one takes a bath. She gets to play until she wants washed and I get to knit. It works out great. I'm hoping to get this finished and in the mail before next Wednesday.

Other than that there is no knitting. No washrags out of the cotton I bought, no baby things out of the wool I packed...nothin'. Maybe finishing these up will spur me.

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Ashley said...

Linked from a UC thread to your blog.
Knitting while my son takes a bath is also one of my past times! I bring this bean bag chair (one of the ones with the back rest kind of thing) into the bathroom, get cozy and hope he wants to stay in for awhile!