Sunday, April 1

Pokey pokey

:) I won't repeat myself. I'm sure all blog readers are tired of hearing me say I'm slowly knitting. So I won't say it. Even though it's true. ;)

Tonight we (the family) all went to the bookstore and naturally I went to the knittinng books. I ALMOST came out with the Interweave socks book. Almost because the husband "needed" a book that all by itself was 30 bucks. Not a big deal but mine was 23 and we still wanted to go get dinner. I let him get his since I do have plenty of knitting books....and there were only three or four patterns I would actually knit. :) Beautiful socks though and I WILL get that book.

We were driving around today and by accident stumbled upon Knit Cafe (the store!). We had plans already so we couldn't stop but I may have to visit there and the bookstore and be truely blissed out. The husband owes me. Oddly enough we accidentally found another knitting store the other day just by driving around. It never even dawned on me to actually look for them. Silly me.

I finished up a sock yesterday but can't find my damn tapestry needle. I am almost tempted to do the star looking bind off but it's on the heel and I can't bring myself to do it. I have 24 stitches total just waiting to be done and two ends waiting to be woven and I can't do them!! I'm heartbroken over here. Especially since I want to use the needles and can't find my stitch holder either. TIP: If you want to find knitting goodies a toddler is not compatible to your knitting bag.

I started a headband type thing the other night. When Panta was all the rage over at MDC I was tempted but never felt I could pull it off. Since getting a stylish new haircut and being in a rather warm and sunny climate I have felt the need to be trnedy in this sense. I am picky though and instead of picking a pattern I went through a few and decided to make my own. I haven't gotten very far in it since I was desiging as I was knitting but I think the final draft is all good and done and now I need to frog backa bit and restart. I'm actually looking forward to it...a quick and simple knit done in some basic cotton. I want something with lace though and while it's been factored in I'm still a newbie to lace and not sure how to work it. There is a lace pattern in the Interweave book that I LOVE. I want to make a lot of things with it and am thinking I will figure it out and incorprate it into this. It would look nice (FYI it's the ankle socks done in green with an orange strip and double strand yarn...I would marry whoever has the book and would share that lace repeat with me!).

Still no pictures. We have decided the monster that is our car has eaten the camera cord and we will need to buy a new one. It's for the best. If we really went looking for it I would either 1. show up missing and never update the blog again or 2. become a widow. Dead serious...maybe if you are lucky I'll take a picture of our trunk (I offer this tidbit of goodness since it's the most clean) and let you see how horrifying it is. Maybe. If I can stand the embarrassment....and if the husband doesn't forbid the public showing. :)

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