Thursday, April 26

Knitting deadline ADD

I am going to finally admit it. I have knitting ADD. Look at all my "to knit" lists and very few are ever totally completed. I just am too scattered. No biggie, things get done. Things on a deadline though.....I can't think of anything off the top of my head that was done on time. I am restarting yet another project that should be done already. I'm not only restarting it but I am changing the pattern even!

I swatched for the Bonsai Tunic. I had started a swatch on 6's for an entirely different project a night or two before I swatched for the Bonsai. I was hopeful since this yarn on 6's was close to what I needed for the Bonsai. I grabbed a different color in the same yarn (just plain ol Sugar and Cream cotton) and the right sized needles and went about doing a true swatch. The other S&C swatch was my first genuine one so I was hopeful this yarn would work for this pattern. Not even close! I have too many stitches and way too many rows. If I were brave I would say screw it and do it anyway since the stitch count isn't too off. I know better though. 2 stitches off in a 4 inch sqaure is going to add some bulk. 2-4 rows too many and this garment is going to be huge. Why not alter it? Simple. I suck at math and do not feel comfy refiguring numbers. I was already going to be altering the front of the pattern to allow for a belly but that was as far as I wanted to go altering wise. I want to use Tatamy Tweed (by Kraemer Yarns) but think it is still wrong on gauge. I don't want to change needle sizes. I just want to find a yarn that works and go from there. Plus I'm not sure any LYS around me have Tatamy Tweed. So the Bonsai will wait. At least until I find a suitable yarn or don't give a shit and do it anyway. That one is likely to happen first. :)

I also swatched for the damn boucle afgahn. Boucle, dear readers, is the devil. I have used some finicky yarns but this.....this is like self imposed constipation topped with gas that makes you run for the bathroom "just in case". Dead serious. I really don't want a huge afgahn of just garter ridges but at the rate this is going I may have to. My patterns aren't that lacy but it still isn't working! I hate boucle....but I want these colors!

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Kitty Mommy said...

I'm with you. Boucle is satan. I did a little bear and thought I would have to kill both the bear and myself before I finished!