Saturday, April 21

Another pair finished up!

Size small
Cascade 220 and Manos
1x1 ribbing
Crochet drawstring
Backside increases only
Ruffle cuff

These took me about two days start to finish. I actually weaved in my ends. Truely. No shortcuts. Every single freaking end. I can't wait for the wee one to wake up so I can try them on her. I did use the remaining yarn from the newborn pair to make these. So it is entirely possible to get a size small and a size newborn from one skein of Manos and one skein of Cascade 220. I was worried I wouldn't have enough Manos hence the long waist band and body portion in the Cascade. When I split for the legs I unraveled the rest of the Manos and crocheted my drawstring. I ended up making it super long on accident but it worked itself out in the end. After I got the drawstring done I folded the remaining yarn in half and cut. I got the exact same amount of purple on both legs!! I was worried I might have one or two rows less on one side in the purple which would irritate me to no end. :) In the end one leg is shorter but only in the cuff portion. I finished these up after midnight last night and miscounted when to bind off. Not a big deal since you can't really tell (and if you can, be quiet!). Once I got done with the first leg done I realized I hadn't taken into account the yarn needed to seam the crotch. I reweaved in the drawstring and shortened that length since it was way too long. I used the excess of that to seam them up. Everything worked out shockingly well. I admit I was not sure these would work out and that I would need to frog back and rethink the general set up. Luckily I didn't.

Wake up child!!!

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Melinda said...

They are darling!