Wednesday, April 4

REAL knitting content WITH pictures

Hard to believe I know but it's true.

I finished up a sock the other day and felt motivated to do something else. I decided I'd start on a pair of newborn shorts for the new babe. It helped that Hyena Cart had some gorgeous stuff listed...lots of motivation. So I cast on. The total time was about a day. That's the joy of newborn knitting I tell ya'. I have plans to do four wraps and four pairs of shorts. They are so far going to be all newborn but I may end up doing a couple smalls as well. The neat thing is I have enough yarn left over to make a pair for the weeone already here. :) I had no tapestry needle yesterday when I was finnishing though so I used my interchangables needle locking key. I have to say this is my best crotch so far! :)


Solid yarn is Cascade 220 and the purple is Manos.

1x1 ribbing with a crocheted drawstring

Backside increases only

Garter ridge cuffing with I cord bind off (super stretchy and FABULOUS)

Not sure why it spaced everything like that. I tried to get it to stop but it didn't work. Anyway, I love love love these shorts. I am actually excited to do some more. Not all my yarn is here as we are still in transition so I only have what I packed. I do have another set of yarn but I am thinking it may be too girly. It's a chocolate brown and a redish swirly color. I bought it because it made me think of chocolate covered raspberries when I set the two next to each other. The red is pretty dar but still bordering on pink. I'm still pondering it. I have no problem putting a boy in pink. :) Ahh the drawbacks of not finding out the gender.

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That is so cute!