Sunday, April 22

Monkey socks

Yeah. I have a pair. In the most fabulous Fleece Artist yarn. Oh the softness that is in these socks is to die for! I have already washed them a couple times. Mainly because I've worn them a lot but also because of one gross incident of toddler throw up.

The picture is kind of hard to see detail but it's a bag, some chocolate (which was KILLER!), yarn, little mesh baggies things that smell heavenly, gummy worms, and the socks. The socks are a tad big on me even after a few washings and dryer cycles. I don't care though. Which is odd for me since I am a tad neurotic but the fabulousness of these outweighs any fit issues.

I still haven't sent off thise persons socks. I know. Take away my needles until I do it but she knows and I sent her a message last night. Boy do I have a package in mind for her! I can't tell what will be in it until she gets it but oh boy! I would be thrilled to get something like this. :)

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