Saturday, April 28

The Magic Cast On

I was just reading tthrough my blogs and finished up a post about socks over at Vera's Crafty Blog. She took a workshop in them and like most other blogs I have read about learning socks toe up she was taught how to do it with a provisional crochet cast. Later on in the toe you zip it out and pick up the stitches. It's not too difficult.

I decided to take a break from my own sock though and come share the wonders of the one I prefer for EVERYTHING. I have posted more than one comment on blogs regarding this and decided that since I do it so often maybe I should blog about it. I doubt I have a high readership but it can't hurt right?

The Magic Cast On. The Easy Way. The Simple Way. Ok, enough. I posted awhile back (on MDC) when I was getting into the flow of things regarding toe up socks looking for a nice and easy cast on. I despise using provisional cast on (hence the reason Katja never got finished) and I didn't want to do short rows. I have tried many ways and used many pictoral guides. Nothing was working and I just got frustrated.

Someone pointed me to that article and I have not looked back since. You can use it with circs or DPN's so it doesn't matter how you do your socks! I used it just recently for some knit toys. It's universal in that regard. I was worried about getting a pointy toe. Every pattern I have ever read has you decrease down to nothing (like 12) and the end result is way too pointy in my opinion. One of the pluses of doing socks toe up is you can sie as you go. For me I have found the perfect toe. AND I received help on getting the formula down for getting a non pointy toe. Basically cast on 24 stitches total (12 each needle) and increase every round per directions until you reach 48. Increase every other round per directions until you reach 60. Voila! 24 seems to be a good starting number (for me at least).

So there you have it. My self proclaimed love affair with a fabulous cast on. Why don't more knitters speak of this!? I'm not sure many know about it. Tis a shame.

That said, my sock is coming along pretty quick. I am on the third repeat out of 6. I'm not sure about it though. I love it so far. Simple, easy to memorize, nice pattern. It's making for some floppiness on my needles though. I imagine ost of that is due to my insanely used yarn at this point though. I am beyond the portion that has been overworked and am now simply into the portion that has been worked. :) I have no pictures for a couple reasons. 1. the recipient has no idea about this sock so it must remain a secret. Well she does but at the same time she doesn't. 2. I can't find the charger cable for my damn camera and the cell phone sucks in regards to picture quality. This is something that needs to be captured in it's simple fanciness.

Last month was my birthday and the ONLY yarn I got was from Dawn. Wanna know what I got? Regia SILK sock yarn. SILK! She keeps asking for it back in a passive agressive way ;) since it is so fabulous but I have plans for this stuff. I cannot wait to knit ME some socks. SILK socks for ME. Oh yeah.

I went to the bookstore the other day to get the Favorite Socks: 25 patterns from Interweave and wouldn't you know it? It wasn't even there yet! It was on it's way but not there. I have been lusting after this book since i picked it up. I saw it mentioned a few other places but wasn't captivated. This is one of those books that need to be seen in person. To be fondled and lovingly read. I had to leave with a sock book though. I had to. :) The only other one that I have been avoiding (!!!) and even contemplating getting was there. I say avoiding for a couple reasons. the first being I am extremely shallow at times. The picture of the author was not a selling point for me. I know but it's true! The second (and honestly the main reason) reason was because the patterns seemed to be very old and I couldn't get beyond that. I didn't want something that was going to be hideous. A good portion of yarn/knitting related books seem to pick outdated and horrible colors to show off patterns and stitches. I expected this book to be very much the same way. I bucked up though and got it. What book? Knitting Vintage Socks: New Twists on Classic Patterns by Nancy Bush. I am so happy with it! My Regia Silk is destined for one of the patterns in it. I have yet to decide on one since many of the patterns would be flattering to the yarn. Grumperina seems to make many socks from this book and I have to admit that helped with my decision.

Pictures to come!

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