Friday, May 4

The list redone

* finish Wyvern socks- This is no longer Wyvern and is an entirely new pattern altogether. finish last 2.5 ronds and then start second sock.
* start on play food for the wee one's upcoming birthday..after all a kitchen themed birthday needs food.- Again no longer. Not kitchen themed but instead a lovely little dollhouse. Am tempted to knit something but honestly, that may be a bit much. :)
* start the husbands birthday socks- Swatched but not an entire 4 inch piece nor with any pattern in mind.
* possibly start the husbands birthday beanie/hat- Maybe not. :)
* swatch for Bonsai Tunic- Swatched and thrown to the back of my closet due to anger issues.
* swatch for afgahn and plan basic construction and figure out numbers- Also in back of said closet.
* work on newborn wool stash- Work on GIRL newborn stash.
* work on small wool stash- Can continue without worrying about using gn colors for future users. :)

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