Sunday, May 27

Still icky?

It was the husband's birthday and as a gift he got a digital camera/recorder. To "test" it out I naturally snapped pictures of knitting. I can't stand these shoddy cell phone pictures. Notice, I said pictures. Yes multiple. Will you see them all? No. I managed to get one good one and it happens to be of the one I was wanting to show anyway. I do have some sock finished and one finished but frogged and being redone in a different form. The finished one has been done for sometime and is ok. I like the fit but it's basically a tube sock. It doesn't feel like a real sock to me for that reason. Silly I know. It was done toe up and I am still having issues with my bind off on them. I only have one of two done. The other sock is a mystery sock. The only details I am going to share are this: it is done toe up, my own dorky ass pattern, I originally did a heel on it but have frogged it and am going to make it a tube style one. The fit and everything will be far better for it I think.

I finally restarted the ugly newborn PP's. I had frogged the night I blogged but never started it again. I was depressed about it. I'm just not sure about this yarn. If I remember right it's Punk Rock Girl and while it's cute it's not my kind of cute. I have seen other versions of this colorwayand mine seems VERY faded and dull. It's dissapointing.

I admit, it's a TON better with the black trim. In person the black doesn't look as odd as it does here. I asked the man here if it still looked dirty and he said no so there may be hope. I'm just not in love with it though. I think they will become actual longies and hopefully they will grow on me. If not, oh well. I'm just happy they aren't a larger size and take longer to knit. Two or three days of tv knitting is nothing. Oddly enough, my gauge on both yarns is the same. usually my body yarn is thicker so it's just a tad off. This however is the same even though the black is Cascade 220 (I think....seems all my solid yarn is these days) and the other is not.

I need to get going on covers. I have about 12 weeks left and have one pair done. That's it. Well one and a half is you count the above pair. Remember my "goal"? I do. 4 pairs of PP (either shorties or longies....probably 2 of each) and 4 wraps. I have one pair of PP. What does that leave me with? A lot of knitting.

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Lia said...

bummer about the yarn. I hate buying expensive yarn, only to be disappointed by the color. I don't really get why the dyer would send something so different from the usual colorway, without checking to see if you minded. Same thing happened to me last year, a different colorway, but also very drab, and not really resembling the website picture, or the yarn that other people bought and blogged.