Saturday, June 2

A finished sock..

that I'm actually happy with! After much battling with another yarn and other patterns I decided to go it alone. I grabbed some lovely Art yarns superwash from the stash and decided to make up my own pattern. Is it revolutionary? No. Is it fabulous much like Cookie's? Nope. Is it simple and lovely all the same? Absolutely.

I won't give specifics yet since these are not for me. Sadly this is the best picture I could get. VERY hard to even see the pattern up top and the color is washed out in a bizzare way. Off the foot....well it leaves much to be desired. :) I hope the giftee likes it (them). Her foot is slightly larger than mine and I hope it fits her as well as it did me. I'm worried it might be a tad snug. I've had so many issues fit wise that I really hope that's not the case. Must not think about it!

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