Friday, June 8

Another knitting deadline avoidance FO

In true fashion I cast on for something in order to avoid the knitting glaring at me. I have been wanting to do a washrag but misplaced a pattern I was wanting to try. So the other night I grabbed some cotton my sister gave me with the intent of actually making her washrag(s) she asked for. Oh almost a year ago. Yup. True slacker. I decided to get over my initial lack of desire to try the ball band washrag and make it. I have this habit of avoiding (sometimes very aggressivly) anything that is picked up by general masses as great. Whether that be a clothing style, movie, music, food. I'd rather come to the love of the item myself without being part of the herd. Silly, yes I know.


size 8 needles (instead of the size 7's listed)

Peaches and Cream (?) cotton yarn- my sister grabbed a bunch of skeins of this from her tiny little "dollar store" wanna be in her tiny town. I no longer have the band for the yarn so I can't be for sure.

Mods: I only completed 11 of the 13 strips. I am not a fan of long/larger washrags and I know my sister is the same way. This is the perfect size.

I only used one yarn. Not a big fan of the multicolored ones (though they are lovely and they do inspire me to knit washrags), plus the yarn is multicolored and I was worried about the visual assault.

I have a tiny bit left over and despite what I said above the picture will use two colors. I split the remaining yarn into two smalls balls and will use them for the ends. I'll use a solid red in the center. In the skein the yarn looked less patriotic and more nautical. Once knit though that changed. She says she doesn't care since she is jsut a fan of knit washrags period. My grandma used to make her them all year round. Since getting older though she isn't able to and my sister is feeling a lack of washrag love. Hopefully these do it for her.

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