Monday, June 25

Tiny shorts

Just my basic set up. :) The yarn is Cascade 220 and fisherman's yarn. That yarn was donated to me and is the leftovers of the skein. The funny thing is that was my sister's yarn. She kool-aid dyed it one night (I was visiting and helped!) and then she ended up selling it. I have no idea how many people it went through but it ended up at my house. There is some blue streaks in there but they are pretty light. The yarn does dye your hands when you're knitting with it.

These are so soft and flexible! The yarn has more spring to it, for lack of a better term, than my other pairs. In comparison to these the others are stiff. There are soe wonky spots on the cuffs but more because I am a space cadet and don't know how to pay attention. :)

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