Sunday, May 13

When it's ugly...

frog it.

I started a pair of newborn Picky Pants (yes another pair) and decided to use up my Punk Rock colorway. In the ball it's not so bad but knit up I'm not sure. I wanted it to be a darker purple (and certain WAHM's have made it darker....this was donated so I only know the colorway....not the yarn or who did it or anything else) and had forgotten it's not. I used this for another project (the one it was donated for) but didn't use a lot of it as the recipient wanted something more gender neutral. Apparently the time between then and now was enough to make me forget how not in love with this I am.

I decided to use it anyway and once again wanted that contrasting cuffs and waist. Since this wasn't a dark enough purple I had to use a different color (not that I have a solid purple anyway).. I didn't realize there was any pink in it but that wouldn't have mattered. The amount in the yarn is so minute if I had chosen a solid pink it would look silly. To me at least. So I went for the next color....white/cream.

Bad picture quality but it gets the point across. It's ugly. It's pastel. And as the husband says, "Looks dirty already". That right there is about 3 days worth of knitting. Newborn size. They should be done but I am so not thrilled with it that I have avoided it. I think I can manage, if I force myself, 10 rounds a day but that's pushin' it. Today I managed 1.5.

The wee one has switched up her bedtime and is going to be earlier lately so now I am left with knitting time at night and an ugly, uninspiring project. When she woke up, I went in to nurse her and I got to thinking about the other yarn combos I have been wanting to use and it dawned on me. I have black. I have black! The ugly item has been frogged and the waist is about to be restarted in black. I think it'll give me that pop I wanted colorwise. I obviously can't rely on the main yarn to do it.

I seem to be on a purple kick. Socks, newborn PP, small PP, the ugly pair (I swear once the black is used I will not refer to it as the ugly pair).....when I grabbed my black out of the closet I took a quick inventory so I could hypothetically plan future projects and realized I have 2 skeins of Art Yarns superwash in purple, my Regia has purple, my sock bag swap yarn has purple. The funny thing? I am having an ongoing love affair with RED. How is it I have so much purple? Good thing I am in love with it all.

The apron was a hit apparently. We ended up leaving early due to a chocolate/jealousy induced fit but I was told it was well received. I tried it on my little gal the night before the party and it fit great. I can't wait to see it on the actual person it was for. :)

Insomnia, a working husband, and a sleeping child: spin, knit a sock, or restart the ugly pair..what to do, what to do?

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