Wednesday, May 9


I do not normally have an issue with gauge. In fact even when I don't check my gauge I am pretty dead on.

I just recently finished up a sock. The only thing I changed was the amount of my cast on. The pattern called for 48 for a woman's sock. I did 64 and worked it toe up. Same size needles and I still managed to get gauge. I followed the pattern exctly except for the toe (since I did it toe up using my standard magic cast on) and I did less ribbing on the cuff. The body (the actual portion with the pattern) should have been 13 inches with a grand total of 18 inches cuff to toe. Since I altered those I focused mainly on the body portion. It's quite a bit shorter. I'm not sure how as I worked the 7.5 pattern repeats WITH correct gauge. Why is it shorter? It doesn't effect the fit of the sock much since it still fits but good grief why the hell is it shorter! It has made me not want to start the second one. I will jsut to get them finished but if it ends up the same way or is closer to the real length I'm going to rethink using this pattern. Maybe it's my dinky yarn.

I am undecided about a pattern. I am making something for a birthday party and am just winging it pattern wise. I thought I was being super unique but after seeing an FO on another blog (an FO on something totally unrelated!) I think I may not be so much so. :) If that's the case then my problem is solved. However, if the pattern is unique I am debating sharing it right off the bat or submitting it some online source. It's nothing super splendid but it might be neat to have it published you know? I guess I'lll finish it up, contact the author of the pattern that seems similar to double check I'm not inadvertantly copying, and then decide from there.

I haven't really been progressing on anything. The wee one has a birthday coming up and instead of knitting her something I sat down and made her some dollhouse furniture. I cannot tell you how stressful that kind of crafting is for me. Knitting is by far more relaxing and ideal for my person. :)

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