Thursday, May 10

A little knit apron

I finished it up this afternoon! I couldn't sleep last night so after I got the wee one in bed (at a very late midnight) I stayed up and finished the body. Then this afternoon I weaved in ends and finished up the ties. It's currently blocking and looks so darn cute!

Pictures kind of suck but that's what you get. :)


size 8 needles

Sugar/Peaches and Cream (can't remember and the tag is gone)

Pattern is my own.

Super easy and quick to knit. Took maybe 6-8 hours total? It was spread out very randomly so I can't be sure. I'm thinking of making a couple more for various little gals. It doesn't use a ton of yarn. I just wound up a ball of my cone. I stopped winding when the base was completely covered. I didn't use the whole ball so it takes very little yarn.

I'm itchin' to knit some covers but am trying to hold bback until I finish the second sock. I need to work on the hubby's birthday socks too. They aren't going to be done in time for his actual birthday though. Unless a miracle happens and my fingers start knitting in my sleep.

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