Monday, September 17

Pictures say a thousand words

and there are none in this post. :)

The husbands second sock is on it's way. I am about ten rounds into the ribbing (it has 30). I was putting off starting it since the husband did something great (at my very insistent nudging :) ) and bought me the new Knit Picks Harmony wood DPN set!! It's been 5 days since they shipped and so far nothing...I'm getting impatient! I want to use them already but since they aren't here I needed to start the sock. I'll switch out once they get here.

I finished up a pair of wool nursing pads. It didn't take long at all. However, I have no need for them now. :) By the time I finished them leaking was no longer an issue. I got the first one done in a few hours and then lost momentum so by the time the second one got started and finished it was probably a week or so.

I also finished up a ballband rag for my kitchen last night. After it was done and people left my hosue I cleaned up. Did dishes, wipe down counters, and spot cleaned my floor. It's ok. Not sure what the big to do is about these. Yeah they look cool and they are a super fast addictive knit but as for cleaning. Eh. I like my first one far better (my first washrag that is) but it has a hole in it now and I needed a back up. I think I'll make more in that pattern. I did make my ballband shorter than the pattern says so it is an awkward rectangle shape but it just seems too......full/fluffy to be a comfy rag. It's longer than my first rag but the feel is soooo different (same brand cotton and everything) and isn't as easily grasped. I don't know. Maybe I expect too much from a washrag.

I also have another Swirl sock finished. I did this one in Artyarns (the color I frogged awhile back) and love it. I want to start the second one but I need to get the second husband sock finished. I want to finish his by Saturday for our anniversary and I know if I start mine it won't get touched.

I started a large (by large I mean worked on size 15 needles!) mietered square. I'm going to finish it up and then work a nice thick border and slap it under my dish strainer. I also have a pair of Picky Pants OTN. I'm goin to frog whats done on them though. I joined a sock group on Ravelry the other day and was looking through their post archives and found one on various toes, heels, and cuffs. Someone recommended a 3x1 rib for a cuff so I frogged back on my Swirl sock (I had been on there looking for a stretchy bind off since I was at that point on the sock) and used that. It snapped back into place after I took it off! It was great. So I am going to try it out on the waist of this pair of Picky Pants. I also plan on frogging back on my Regia Silk socks and redoing the cuff and bind off on those as well.

Hopefully by Saturday, should everything go as planned, I should have 6 FO's to show. I'll have at least 3 since they are already done....I say by Saturday since the camera will be back home by then.

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