Friday, February 26

Fiber to FO: Gifted Socks

Fiber: No 9 "Black Coffee" superwash merino from FiberOptic on Etsy. GORGEOUS colors and fantastic dye job. I had no dye transfer on my fingers or bobbins. The color was deep and saturated and just all around beautiful.

All plied! Did my basic 2 ply. Not sure of what the yardage was. This was done for sometime before I was even able to get a good picture. I gave up on trying to get yardage and WPI. I'd say it was sport weight-ish.
The socks ended up being a Christmas present. The toes and heels are done in leftover Swish Worsted from my sister's socks. It ended up being a perfect match for the handspun. It was a bit thinner but it worked out well I think. I was hesitant to use it at first but knew they would be too short without. These are like my last handspun ones and done both toe up and cuff down. Not sure ont he numbers right now but I do have the notes somewhere. They fit a man's size 10.5 shoe though so just assume "large". :) I love the way they yarn striped. I didn't plan it at all. At first I wasn't a fan of it but in the end I really like the effect. Reminds of "country" scenes you see in gift shops...the ones with moose and pine trees and little cabins.

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Erin said...

I love love love those colors. Just beautiful!!