Thursday, February 11

It's been knit: Gift edition: Earwarmer Caps galore!

There should be three more in this set (hint hint) but they were also gifted once they were mailed out so there are no pictures. Le sigh.
First pic: Wool of the Andes, largest size and with the zigzag texture. I think there might be extra rows in this one but I can't be sure. 2 of the missing 3 were also done in Wool of the Andes, largest size, and with texture. I can't remember which one though. Note to others: Do not rely on the recipient to take pictures for you if you intend to blog the item. :)
Second pic: Girls hat: Lion Brand Wool Ease with tree texture. Boys hat: Wool of the Andes with tree texture. Child size on both.
Third pic: Lion Brand Wool Ease with tree texture. Can't remember size here.
The 3rd missing hat pic was done in some random acrylic I have lying around.
If I remember right (wow, there is a huge lack of memory in this post isn't there?) the Wool Ease ones were done on size 6's (instead of 8's). The smallest one (pic 3) has extra rows. I did the pattern as specified and it turned out oddly short...I added more length and I, personally, think it's oddly cone headed now but apparently it's a perfect fit
I'm cutting this post short...there's not enough memory to make it worthwhile. :)

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