Sunday, January 31

It's been knit: Cold weather gear

Woah! Would you look at that! Quality pictures. :)
Bis S's gear stats:
Hat pattern: Earwarmer Cap with the herringbone texture (size child)
Mittens pattern: A combo of one I found on Ravelry and my own numbers
Yarn: Paton's Merino in Pink Petal and my BFL Handspun
Needles: 8's and 6's (I think on the mittens)

Little S's gear stats:
Hat pattern: Earwarmer Cap without texture (size child though not as big as Big S's)
Mittens: Kidlett Mittenz on Ravelry (I think I made them a tad bigger than the pattern...yarn held double)
Yarn: Cascade 200 (brown) and Manos Del Uruguay ("recycled" from some longies I knit Big S years back that got slightly felted...perfect for this hat)
Needles: 8's and 6's (I think)

The hats were done first. Big S's mittens were done pretty quickly after the hats but Little S's weren't done until Halloween. I realized a few hours before heading out that it was flipping cold! She was a monkey and since the brown was the same color as her costume I hauled but. She had "monkey" hands as a result. They were a tad big then but she's grown into them already. Sad thing is it's only been cold enough to need mittens a couple times and the hats a few more than that. I totally love their sets this year and they are rarely getting to wear them. Hopefully I only have to upsize the mittens next year and they can use the hats again. We shall see.

Up next: Christmas stockings! Yes I know but I haven't posted the finished ones yet and they are deserving of it. Then if my sister behaves and gets me pictures already I can show you what I sent her (and it was a ton....7 hats, a soaker, a pair of socks, and a doll!). Then the 3 things I did for our Christmas. Then it's on to current stuff. At first it was only going to be one measly WIP but tonight I was begged for some Barbie clothes. Yes, you read that right. As of tonight I have done one dress and a pair of panties. See what I've been reduced to?

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