Thursday, January 21

Gift Knits: Monstery longies

(I'm a slacker and missed my own blogiversary...better luck next year I suppose!)

Back when I was pregnant (she's 2 months already!!) a friend offered to knit me up some longies. She'd done some faux monster/cranky pants and I wanted some. She showed me her yarn colors, I picked, and she went to town. They are one of my favorite pairs now. They look so stinkin' cute on and they fit really nice (we use different patterns)! Since the wee one was early all her longies were super long on her (like the entire length of her body could fit in them...not quite but close enough). She took a couple weeks to grow into them (and even then they were cuffed). This is one of the pairs that no longer needs to be cuffed (the Manos pair and handspun pair I did are also this way) and I am going to be so sad when they no longer fit. I can see the appeal of monster pants for sure! Without further ado, here are some pictures!

(This pictures is hers....I have yet to get a good shot of them in my house.)

(Who doesn't love a picture of handknits on wee ones?)

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