Thursday, January 21

Gift Knits: A sweet little sweater

(Two posts in one day...boy, aren't you lucky!)

The nice thing about having knitting friends is when the occassion calls for it, you get awesome handknits! Another friend sent me a sweater (Seamless Baby Kimono for the curious) before she was born 9the baby that is, not the knitter). When I first got it I was sad to see that the wee one would likely not wear it in the right season. I have tiny babies that don't grow fast. Note to others: when you'd like to be proven wrong, say the idea/notion out loud. The universe has a way of providing. :) The wee one was indeed small (being early does that to one) but she has grown FAST! The weather here has been freaky just like the rest of the US so we've managed to get by with thicker jackets/sweaters. This one is perfect! I only have to cuff the arms a tiny bit. She has growing room but it fits great. It's my favorite top for her and we use it often. So on to the good stuff...a picture!

(Ahhh! Good ol' quality cell phone pic in the dead of winter lighting....always a lovely result.)

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Erin said...

Ah, I don't know how I missed this!!! So sweet :D I love her little double chin, so much chub <3