Sunday, January 24

It's been knit: Gift knits: Apple Blossom Cardigan

Near Christmas, a sister-on-law had her baby (after much waiting..the stinker was late!). The day she was born (naturally) I decided I neeed to knit something right then. I hopped on Ravelry and got searching. I ended up using the Apple Blossom Cardigan (sorry no link right now). I am so in love with this pattern I already have another one in the works (for a friend due this summer).

The pattern calls for icord ties but it just didn't seem like a sweater that could use those. I found these little heart buttons and decided to stick them on (2 of my increases ended up working perfectly for button holes!).

It was a super quick knit (yes my pictures suck but guess what!? My camera is back in action so no more craptastic pics :) ).
Pattern: Apple Blossom Cardigan
Needles: 8's (this is a mod)
Size: Newbornish
Yarn: Random acrylic
Mods: Only 4 repeats of the lace pattern (pattern calls for 6 which would be huge on a newborn), size 8 needles (I think the pattern uses 10's), buttons instead of icord ties.
No pictures of it yet on the baby..every time she has worn it (a couple from the sounds of it) I haven't been around them that day. :)

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