Friday, January 29

Fiber to FO: Handspun socks

I wish i had better pictures of this yarn! I also wish I remembered any details about it. I know I have the band around here somewhere. Anyhow, this was a braid I bought at the sock summit this last August. I had bought it due to the colors: oranges and browns and reds with a bit of a olivey green. Very fall. However, the way it spun up reminded me of my parent's wedding colors...the one that used quail feathers as part of the bouquet. The one done in tones that makes me think of aging pictures from the 70's. I wasn't impressed.
I finally broke down and knit them. I had done a kids sock in it but it was too thick (even though the yarn was maybe a sport weight. Maybe.) so I opted for some me socks. They are growing on me. I like the colors better knit up (and look how it stripes! that was unintended) but they still seem a bit dull and faded to me.

These are done in a unique way. This is the second pair I've done like this (the first pair will be blogged about soon). I was unsure of the yardage which makes most sock people recommend one thing: do them toe up. I however don't like the heel and foot when done toe up which makes sock people recommend one thing: do them cuff down. See the issue? So I opted for both. I did a provisional cast on and started at the heel. I worked the heel and foot from the top down. Once that was done, I yanked out the provisional cast on and knit the leg toe up! I think this is my new favorite way of doing socks. I have another pair ont he needles right now going that way.
Pattern: Mine. Done over 38 stitches both toe up and cuff down. Leg ribbing is staggered to create a stairs effect on the back of the leg (1x1 ribbing with a stretchy bind off). Short row heel and rounded toe. (Pattern will be available soon)
Yarn: My handspun
Needles: 5's
Once I get the pattern written up I'll get better pictures. Blasted winter light!

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