Thursday, November 23

Holy picture posting batman part 2

Okie dokie. I knew Blogger was just overwhelmed with my glorious pictures and needed a second to mull them over. ;)

The Mountain Colors Superwash is odd. In the hank it appears far more least in person it does. Wound into a ball it gets to be more primary colorish and in the picture they look like candy tones. I'm not sure if I like it. When I bought the yarn I had every intention of using it on me. However the gift giving season is upon us and I think I might make my mother in law some socks with it. She has a pair of crocheted socks that I, personally, think are horrendous. Add into the mix that they are plenty old and they beg to be replaced. How old you ask? I have known her for three years and she has had them the entire time. Still not old enough? She's had them since BEFORE I met her. It's time. As I uploaded the picture into Photobucket today I toyed with the idea. I have been wanting to handknit something for her since I learned to knit. Not everyone is that special. Something about her needs it though. I have plenty of that yarn that I may even still get a pair for myself. For now though, they are for her. I'm not sure that the color is in her taste so I shall see. The husband, convienently her son ;), says she would. The yarn is thin though so I would have to double up the yarn I think. I've never done that and it does petrify me to wind the two balls together. There is a reason the second skein isn't wound in that picture. It's insanely long!!! It took me two hours to get it unwrapped so that I could wind it. I don't have a swift so in order to effectively wind my yarn I have to unwind the skein. Not usually a problem but this stuff is never ending and thin. Makes for a lot of knots. My mother in law also has a large foot. Size 10 to be exact. That's a LOT of knititng. Me? I wear a size 7 and have a hard time finishing a pair of socks. It will be an undertaking should I decide to do it.
The next picture is the Cascade Stripes hubbo chose for his socks. I grabbed two skeins based off the non descriptive drawing on the label. I haven't touched it. The first night in our borrowed house I was winding up my balls when I noticed how much yarn was in each skein. I started to get worried. Then I noticed that my Art Yarns and those were close, if not the same size. There isn't enough for manly socks. How do I know? For my female size 7 my Art Yarns skeins are coming very close. I'm thinking of doing a hat (the earwarmer one from LTK) and then a tarot card holder. I want to get those to him for Christmas but I'm not sure. I have a lot of Christmas knitting to do.
The single skein of ArtYarns is not lonely. The other ball is sitting behind it in a half finished sock. I'm into the foot portion and am having doubts that I will finish with one skein. When I bought it I asked the woman at the counter and she said for ankle socks (which I want) I should be fine using my asize 3's and only using one skein per sock. I'm seriously doubting it at this point. I don't want to go buy another skein and I don't want to frog it and use smaller needles. Push comes to shove though and I'll buy another skein. Only problem is all those skeins are for socks for me. I'd have to go either go buy three more skeins (one in each color) or get used to the idea of knitting on smaller needles. I just find the thought of going smaller than a three horribly upsetting. I'm not sure why but socks fit on size 3. They just work best there. Color me odd.

I am so in love with all my yarn and I'm hoping that moving into our house (a whole other issue in and of itself) will prompt me to get going. In the meantime I am slowly getting started on much needed things.

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