Thursday, November 23

Holy picture posting batman!

I finally have something of an Internet connection so I decided I needed to do some updating. Pictures are (in order): merino roving, handspun merino, manos and cascade used for Picky Pants, Picky Pants, Close up of pants, manos and cascade for more picky pants, mountain colors sock yarn, cascade stripes sock yarn, and art yarn superwash. Not all the pictures are in this post though. The single ball of artyarn is not a lone gunner. The matching ball is about half way through an ankle sock for me. As always, you can click the pictures to bring up a larger one.

The Picky Pants are a size medium. They are a bit short for my liking but I have an issue with pant lengths. In all honesty they are a perfect fit for the wee one. I have ten garter ridges on as the cuffs. I love the way they look. My first cuff though has some issues which you can see in the first picture of the pants. I kept screwing up on the first stitch of the round so I havea diagonal line going through the cuff where I occassionally have some stockinette stitch going on. That seems to be my only mistake though. My kitchener for the crotch is fabulous! I actually used the directions/pictures from my Knit Socks! book and it went so much better. Not sure why, they are the same as every other set of direction I have ever used. Who knows? I can't wait to get started on the other pair. As I was pulling pictures from Photobucket to put in here I found some more yarn I have destined to be Picky Pants and I can't wait. I think my knitting motivation is actually coming back. I need it to. I have a lot of things on my knitting plate and very few are getting worked on. I am slacking big time and it's beginning to bug me. Plus I am a HH helper this year and need to get going there. SIGH, UGH, GRUMBLE. :)

Ok, I just tried to make a new post to post the remaining three pictures. Blogger, once again, has something in it's backside and won't let me. I shall post them later on when it thinks I haven't posted pictures for a bit. :)

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