Friday, November 24

Pay attention to your directions!

Oh and ummm, no matter how motivated you are DON'T start a project until you have all the neccessary info. :)

I finally cast off on one of three triplet wraps. Yes it took a long time and yes I have the other two to finish. When I first cast on for this project I had PM'd K to ask if a size small was still going to work. She took a couple days to reply what being busy with newborns and all. When she did she said she needed newborn instead. No problemo! I'm not sure if I had already cast on at this point or not. It's been awhile. Fast forward a bit and we have moved and are living in a hotel room. I thought ahead and on the day we left our previous home I had packed my knitting bag with the wraps and other projects I wanted to work on. It wasn't until halfway through our first hotel stay that I pulled out the wraps. I had scaled down to knitting one at a time and was cruising along. I was finally to a point where I start my leg decreases when I thought something was off. I counted my stitches and I had too many. Had I miscounted? I go back a bit into my knitting and count stitches on a previous row. Nope, I had cast on for a small. Irritating to say the least. It certaintly took the wind out of my sails. So I did my decreases and grumbled along the way. The result is a newborn/small hybrid. About 75% is in size newborn portions while the first 25% is in small. As bothersome as that is too me I figure it might actually be perfect. When I had a newborn her stomach was definitely larger than her itty bitty thighs. I'm hoping the waist being a size small will actually be a good thing. We shall see.

As much as I hate 1x1 ribbing I do like it on these wraps. Maybe because there is so little ribbing to be done or maybe because it goes quickly. Either way, I'm liking it. My first one I opted out of doing the tweisted rib. I didn't want to "learn" it being the newbie that I was. Since "learning" it though I am thrilled! I am tempted to do the waist on my next Picky Pants in twisted rib. I thought that on the last wrap I did as well. I just didn't do it this last time. :) The first time I tried it out I was skeptical of it's extra stretch but shockingly enough it really is there. I suggest trying it out.

I was also skeptical of going up in needle size for binding off. Don't ask on that one. I had to do it though on this last pair of Picky Pants. I tried binding off in my 8's but it was so tight it left indents when I tried them on the munchkin. I ended up going up five sizes I think. I can't remember...and even then I have a tight cuff. I figured it was best I size up on the wrap as well and went from a 6 to a 10. It worked like a charm again. Although it is still a bit tight for my liking. I just can't get it loose!

I have pictures but Blogger needs a picture break again. I'll post in the morning. I got one of it blocking sans velcroe and one of the twisted rib. I tried to get a shot of the extra webbing it throws in there to show that there is indeed more stretch.

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