Monday, July 9

The tumultuous life of yarn

That lonely ball of yellowish ArtYarns is sitting there lonely because behind it is the mate. Being worked into a sock. That ball (the one behind it) became: this sock. A very basic top down sock done on size 3's while watching the Notebook. Here lies the trouble...when I learned to knit I taught myself using the videos on Excellent way to go about it in my opinion. If you can manage to pay attention that is. :) Turns out I had been knitting my stitches twisted for the first 11 months. It wasn't until a friend pointed it out that I even realized it. The problem? That sock was knit entirely twisted. It fits but it's a tad snug and odd on the comfort level. That was done on 64 stitches on size 3's. I just made a pair of socks on the same needles with the same kind of yarn and my cuff on those was 52. HUGE difference in fit and everything. Since learning about my "improper" knitting (I hesitate to use that term since it's not really improper...just not condusive to sock knitting) I have thought about this sock. It's mate was never knit. So last night you know what I did?

I unraveled it. I frogged the whole thing. That is some kinky yarn! Granted it has been sitting in twisted stitches for about 7 months. It has been wound up and stuck back in the closet next to the other ball. I do have plans to reknit it (correctly of course!) but man.....frogging an entire knit garment (no matter how small) can certainly take the wind out of your knitting motivation sails. :)

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milkyknitter said...

That is very very sad that you had to pull the whole thing out :( But think how comfy they will be when you knit them with non-twisted stitches :D