Sunday, November 6


Do you ever get a project going that consumes you? One of those ones that you think about all the time, that you refer to by pattern name as if it were its own person, maybe even dream about?

I have one.

It's not cooperating.

It started with some yarn (as all projects do). This yarn to be exact.

Prairie Silks It's from the Brown Sheep Company and, sadly, a discontinued line. It is a blend of silk (10%), mohair (18%), and wool (72%) and while it's lovely the mohair in it is bothering my hands. I have a lot of this. A LOT. I bought a small lot of 14 skeins, with 9 being in the color you see above (Ruble Red). Other colors in the box are: Bolivar Blue, Franc Framboise, Burnished Copper, Green Back, and Baht Blue. A color card can be found here.

The skeins are tiny. 1.75 ounces and a whoppin' 88 yards. What on earth could I make with that!?

Enter Abalone.

I've had this lovely cardigan in my queue for awhile. Browsing Ravelry the night after I got my yarn, looking for motivation to work on ANYTHING, I came across it again. I did a check on yardage and double checked my new stash and sure enough I had plenty!

It started out very well.

The color is awesome and the drape of the fabric is nice. I suppose I could easily go up one needle size and have a much drappier fabric but it's working on the ones the pattern calls for. I've worked on this for a week now. The entire body is done. The sleeves are seamed. The arm cuffs are complete.

Yet this sweater sits, disgruntled, in the chair behind me. Unfinished. Festering. Uncooperating.

The pattern is more of a guideline by the time you get to the edge. While I am ok with this, the actual cardigan doesn't seem to be. I'm on my THIRD go round of it. The first time was only a half attempt. I had made a mistake and frogged it for the sake of doing it right.

The second time? Well here, take a look.

Lots of puckering and it pulled in so much that the bottom, the part that SHOULD come around my hips, was sitting on my back near my ribs. It was like a tight bolero. Frogged.

I asked for help online and got suggestions. I picked up less stitches last night and placed markers for my corners. FAIL. I could tell 3 rounds in that it wasn't working. Did I frog it?


I was hoping that if I got a couple more rounds in things would lay right and I'd be in the home stretch. It doesn't seem to be that way.

At this point, I have a feeling the all consuming focus is more about just finishing it, than it is about being in love with it. I WILL finish it. I WILL do it soon. I still haven't frogged it. I tried to convince myself earlier that if I just finished it, I could try and block out the puckering that's happening. I know it won't work. Which is why it sits in the chair behind me.

What's consuming you lately?

**This post is a perfect example of why red tones are difficult to photograph. The most accurate color is the second picture.

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