Monday, November 14

Mostly notes...

because I know I will forget and likely loose tags. I'm up to 10 skeins for the beekeeper.

Lorna's Laces: Patina
Lorna's Laces: Monkeyshines
Malabrigo: Butter
Lorna's Laces: Magnificent Mile
Madeline Tosh Vintage: Ginger
Malabrigo: Rich Chocolate
Malabrigo: Applewood
Madeline Tosh Vintage: Dusk
Lorna's Laces: The Bean
Araucania Coliumo Solid: Color 24

I need to make a decision soon. Either just keep adding random colors (in my scheme obviously) or consider those a good amount of variety and go buy more skeins in each one. I'm not sure yet. I'm leaning towards that being plenty.

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