Wednesday, January 25

Knitting needles part 2

So I made them. In fact I made 3 pairs (6 needles total) in a size 11 and then later went back to the store and got materials for more. I now have 3 pairs size 11 DPN's and 3 pairs size 3 DPN's. I just tested out the 3's with some thin foreign wool and they are great!!! Much nicer feeling in my hands than my Clover bamboo needles. I'd like to get some of every size but am thinking I may have a hard time finding the dowel rods for the bigger sizes. I'd like to replace my 10.5 straights and my 8 DPN's for some that I make. They turned out rather lovely. I think from start to finish it takes maybe 10 minutes to make them. I didn't have any acrylic paint to use today and I was in such an eager rush I pulled out my nail polish and adorned one (yes only one) needle with some color! Without further ado...a picture:
See? Lovely aren't they? Just wish I would have thought of making my own sooner. It cost me $1.48 this morning and the most expensive piece was the pencil sharpener! When I went back the second dowel rod was .33! I have twelve new needles for a whopping .82. Just as wonderful as any "store" bought needles too! In fact more so...cause they now have meaning to them. :)

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Kate O. said...

Very lovely. :) I need to get off my butt and try making these someday.