Tuesday, January 24

Knitting needles

I have two sets of knitting needles. That's it. I have one set of 10.5 straights and one package (a.k.a five individual needles) of size 8 dpn's. I want more. Let me rephrase....I want LOTS more. I see pictures on vairous sites online and am seized by jealousy. Not only do these people have cups and buckets and drawers full of needles they have gorgeous sets!!! So I wandered over to the yarn crafts forum on Mothering and did a search. I had seen someone post about making your own before but I never thought to remember where I had seen them say that. I posted for help on doing so and then headed over to google. I put in my search terms and I am now the happy owner of making your own knitting needles instructions. Quite easy actually. A couple wooden dowels (rod length), some sand paper, and a pencil sharpener/knife. If you want something fnacy shmancy some wood stain (or paint) and/or some clay to make your toppers. You can make plain toppers with dowel caps but I like oomph so will go with clay.

I did another google search for some wooden dowels and came acorss a site that offers them in discounts. You can get 100 for $20. Granted I don't want 100 of one size but hey! That's a good deal. 100 needles (50 pairs) for 20 bucks!!!! You can't find that anywhere.

I posted on Freecycle to see if I can't score some dowels. I'll try my hand at making me some needles. Then I can have cups and buckets and drawers full of gorgeous needles that will also have sentimental value to them. And for dirt cheap!

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Benoit Lapierre said...

hey keep on going, I like your blog!